[PS4] Screen stuck in Gear menu

So I think this is where I need to post this, but this is an issue I arrived at, and I am sorry but I am not tech savy and have screenshots, but maybe someone else ran into this issue.

Preface: Played game a ton last two days, logged on 11 AM Est today, first thing I did was go into command - gear.

Joined on a friend (he was party leader) was making a character specific loadout. When I was done I went to save the loudout (by hitting the save loudout button, the center button on PS4 controller, it has worked before). It wouldn’t save, gave me a message like… could not save loudout because battleborn open beta server is out of date. I didn’t know what this was about. But also, I could not exit this screen. I was stuck with the option to “Save loudout?” “Yes” “No” it didn’t matter which option I chose, it didn’t let me get out of the gear in command menu (hit yes, could not save message popped up again, hit no, it would try to leave gear but fail, bringing me back to the same option to save loudout). Luckily my friend was party leader and he was able to matchmake and we started a PvE.

Played game, got more gear, tried to get back into my gear, did not work, got stuck in the paradox of not being able to save but cannot leave. Tried closing app, opening again, did not do anything. So we did another PvE. After final boss kill, saw final score, but not anything else (such as unlocked gear, character progression, etc.) game kicked me out to title screen, now I cannot play again. My friend did not have any issues so I assumed that it wasn’t the servers were down.

Also, the original gear loadout I went to save (the one which started the whole issue) actually did save because I used it in PvE right after the first time I got stuck, even though the game said it “could not save because battleborn open beta is out of date”

Pretty sure it said date and not data, because I remember it sounding wierd. I am assuming my account may be screwed up at this point but I will try again later today and give an update, if anyone actually reads this.

Sorry for the long post, I wanted to tell the story of my fateful journey.

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