PS4 season pass not playable

Hey everyone.
Why does it say there is progress on a DLC I literally just installed and I can’t replay it. Also, I can’t access them in Sanctuary, I can only access the list of DLC from the main menu on normal mode and not on TVHM and that’s where it says in red letters that there is progress already and I can not replay them. Fyi. I did download the dlc individually and checked that they are installed.

Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

To access the dlc you have to accept the mission from their respective poster and navigate sanctuary to drop pod in; regarding the progress in one without doing it i have no idea though

  • with season 2 you just have to fast travel to the last location on pandora

At first , I was in sanctuary and I walked over to the posters and I could not select them. I switched over to normal mode and in the menu it showed the dlc , but they are all red and I can’t select the and even when I go into sanctuary in normal mode , I can’t select the poster or any dlc.

Any chance you could try starting a new character skipping straight to a dlc? It may unblock them ( just spitballin ideas here)

Yes I will try that when I get home. That hasn’t been suggested yet . I’ll try that first as it’s the only one that doesn’t require me to delete everything.

Did you happen to install the final form skins? I had an issue a day after grabbing mine (and respec characters into 4th tree) that all my dlc was unavailable until i did a cache clear (unplug power to console for 10+ secconds) - may be a better place to start before starting the game

Those skins installed when I installed the game a week ago.

My friend had an issue where he installed the addons, played , took a break , came back and the addons were being reinstalled. We bought our season pass same night.
Idk if it could be related.

Try just deleting out the final form skins from your drive for now, and make sure auto-update is off so the system doesn’t reinstall them. Hopefully that should fix the DLC access issue.

I think I must have them installed. I can’t select them like I can with the dlc add ons

Nothing works. Everything and I mean everything is how it should be on my PS4. Even clearing primary and making my PS4 primary (again).

Do you know what region your disc is from? I live in the USA, bought the game from Amazon, and unbeknownst to me was sent a UK/EU disc. I bought the season pass for the PS store and it downloaded, but was unplayable.