[PS4] Shields will not recharge (Miko)

I was playing as Miko in The Algorithm, and I had dead shields the whole mission - was that a bug or just something I’m missing?

I could have sworn I had shields at the start of the mission. Alright though, thank you. Perhaps there shouldn’t be a shield bar then? Because there was this empty gray bar sitting atop my health bar the whole time, taunting me.

Not entirely true. Boldur gets overshields with his dash when you select the appropriate augment. Kelvin gets some shields with his Permafrost but they are only temporary.

No shields but you get a self heal with short cool down. Plus it boosts your heal to teammates so spam it constantly (when your team’s taking hits)

Yeah I love the self heal especially with the mod that extends it to nearby allies

You can give Miko a shield with a specific piece of gear, but then you lose out on 1 slot for heal stacking. Not worth it.