PS4 Shutdown and Save File Loss

I found this on a Reddit post, which happened to my play through. My brother and myself were playing the new expansion, we were doing the quest where you go to Cassius’ lab. We made it through and got to Sanctuary, ran past Moxxies , killed all the enemies that were waiting. We sold the weapons we picked up and then went up the stairs for the next part of the quest, and my PS4 completely shut down. Just totally dead like the power went out.

Once it got back up, repaired the HDD and the External I have plugged in, I loaded up BL2 and my brothers 53 assassin was GONE. Corrupted data. That’s 5 years of playing the game gone in an instant. What is able to be done, can this file be fixed or is it gone for good? He doesn’t’ even want to play anymore… and I don’t blame him.

He does not have PS Plus on his account because he only plays a couple games that save locally so he never wanted to get it. He joins my game and we play through as a team.

Any help would be appreciated!

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The game does make a backup save periodically which it will try to use if the primary save for a character is unreadable. If your brother can’t find his character in the character select menu, however, it’s possible that both got nuked between the unexpected shutdown and the rebuild.

Your brother should sign in on the system, navigate through to the BL2 save data folder, and see if the file is visible there. If there are no saves associated with his PSN then without PS+ or manual backups to a separate drive, the character is likely gone. I don’t know enough about the PS4 to comment on whether it has any recovery tools that might work in this specific situation, however, so you may want to contact Sony support just in case they can offer better advice.

Thanks for the quick response. There is a “Rebuild database” option when you load it into Safe Mode but when it does this action, any corrupted data files get removed. I think there is nothing I can do.

I navigated to the save location on the hard drive and it shows corrupted data as well.


It is unfortunate. If your brother has a PS3 save lying around, he could potentially upload that to the HC version so he’s not starting from nothing. There’s also the option added with the 5th DLC to start new characters automatically at level 30 right at the end of NVHM. That’s in the Character Select dialog - just scroll to the bottom.