PS4 side missions trophy

Does the complete all side missions trophy now include all dlc side missions in the ps4 version? I completed all regular story side missions and the trophy didn’t pop.

All missions? You kill Terra?

Yes, all side missions are done except for dlc, creature slaughter dome, and bandit slaughter dome. I thought the slaughter domes were dlc except for the hyperion one…I guess I will do the bandit dome and see what happens.

You must complete the Bandit Slaughter Dome in full. Once you clear that, it should pop up. The only base game side-quests that aren’t required are the Creature Slaughter Dome. Since that was chopped from the main game and sold as DLC; as a pre-order incentive for GameStop or other international equivalents.


Aside from killing Terra and the Bandit and Hyperion Slaughters (accessed via the Fridge and Eridium Blight respectively) there’s also side mission you start via pick ups that you might have missed, like Best Mother’s Day Ever or Out of Body Experience).

If you don’t know what you have done I suggest you go to the next fast travel station and hover over all non-DLC areas to see if there is any ‘undiscovered’ mission there somewhere.