Ps4 split screen coop

Hi all! Just a quick check is it a requirement to have ps plus for split screen coop ie if I do not have this ps plus can I play offline split screen coop

There are some holes in your question.

Does the main account have PS+?

I THINK that if the main account has PS+, then they can play splitscreen with someone that doesn’t. I’m about 80% sure on it.

I let my friend have my account as primary and his is my primary so we can share games. I have plus and he doesn’t so if someone plays locally with me they have to have plus, however in my testing I did a private match which you can use bots and I was able to have an account that didn’t have plus be the 2nd player but if I tried to play online with match making it would say both players needed plus.

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What… So first of all someone must have a ps plus account to first even play the game and even then if we wanna play split screen we need two ps plus accounts? Hmmm thanks for clarifying Btw and checking

I think you can play private story and versus maps without plus b/c it just uses bots or a local person. it’s only when you do public games that involve matchmaking that require plus. So you can play the game with a friend locally and bots without having ps plus

I have a shared system (just the one ps4), both myself and my partner have our own log ins (seperate psn accounts).

I however, have ps+, and my partner does not… But he can also play online because my ps+ account is shared on the one system (our ps4).

So as long as one person on your system has a ps+ account, everyone on that system can also access it… We play split screen co-op this way, online matches, and online storymodes…

And he can also play the online options himself without me, despite not being the one whom purchased the ps+ account, because it becomes shared on the one system.

As for no ps+ account at all… I assume, all you will be able to do is offline/private modes…

Give it a try I guess (if you own the game, or borrow from a friend to test before purchasing it yourself), good luck!

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