PS4 split screen help

Hi, I’m having a problem understanding how to split screen by myself like I could on the PS3. Everytime I activate my 2nd controller it give me the option to choose my current log in(which if I click turns off controller 1) and the other option is new user. The new user lets me choose another PSN account or go into LAN with a guest and it won’t give me the option to choose my 2nd character.

On the PS3 it’s easier, I turn on the 2nd controller & it give me the option to load up 1 of my other characters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I don’t think the PS4 will allow it. No golden key glitching this time!

Diablo 3 on PS3 was the first time I came across this - a second character = a second account. Now, on PS4, it seems that any game with two or more players requires more accounts.

Nevertheless, if it’s the same as Diablo, you DO NOT need PS Plus on the second account to play local multiplayer.

I don’t care about golden keys, nothing good comes from the chest. I mainly wanted to trade items among characters and power boost a toon if I wanted.

Well, you’re laughing then, because you can still do all that. I kept all my mules on a separate profile on PS3 anyway - it just seems smoother and less prone to issues than using a single account for all those mules.

Re: power-leveling; you will have to max a character on the other account first, in order to power-level on your main account. It’s good to max characters on the second account for local splitscreen action anyway. I guess I’ll have to do that on third and fourth accounts this time, LOL.

I’m confused on how to get this to work as well. Mainly I want my wife to be able to play along and also have a couple friends join. Whenever she is logged in as Guest it doesn’t let us access online play. Does this mean I have to create an all new PSN account for her and then that account is linked to only her new character? So in theory we could still trade loot but we would need to level that character on her PSN account instead of playing on one of mine?

Yeah, I’d also like to know if there really is no efficient way to do this. I collect a lot of loot and when my stronger characters keep getting stronger or find higher level versions of legendaries I own, I pass the lower level legendaries down to my other characters, sometimes 10 or more pieces of loot at a time. Not being able to load two of my characters at once makes this inconvenient.

The only way I can think to get around it is start a splitscreen game with “Guest” as Player 1, and the character dropping the stuff off as Player 2. Player 2 leaves the stuff, then quits, and then joins in as the character receiving the stuff. The “Guest” account is just there to keep the game open.

That method is pretty much exactly what i’m thinking we all are going to have to do to split screen.

If it’s any different than the PS3 version I’d be very surprised. Yes you have to make another local profile, but that’s the only extra step. It’s always been that way on Xbox as well, afaik. You shouldn’t need to use any ‘guest’ function.

If I’m wrong, and you do have to use ‘guest’, that means the new version is a downgrade in terms of local multiplayer.

I’ll get teh game tomorrow, so I’ll soon be able to give a definitive answer.

No, you have to make a second profile, but then there are no characters on that profile. So say my friend and I want to play with my Axton and Maya on my PS4 split-screen, he can’t access either of the other characters. He has to start a brand new character on his Guest profile. This is BS!

This really sucks for solo players wanting to powerlevel characters… :frowning:

I guess I have to do it on ps3 instead lol.

What sucks I can’t play with my buddy split screen because he doesn’t have a PS4 so we can’t use any of his characters and he can’t play with any of my character. This is ridiculous. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had known they were going to get rid of this feature of the PS3.

Ahh, I see the issue now. I think it’s because of the PS4 moving into an ‘xbox-like’ approach to local multiplayer. It’s not Borderlands, it’s the PS4.

I have characters on a second profile on my PS3 that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get across to PS4…

So, if I’m understanding the question correctly, what you have to do first is upload the character to the ps4 network. Then you can access them and play on other consoles. Hope this helps.

His question was about not being able to load multiple characters from one PlayStation account. On the PS4 your characters are all tied to the PlayStation account. It’s not like the PS3 where you could load any of your characters and have all 4 up at once.

Hey there,

Decided I wanted to try playing the coop campaign for pre sequel with my brother but the split screens giving me a bit of a nightmare. I have the handsome collection on ps4 but only 1 ps4. I also have a spare TV. Is it possible to put the second player on the other screen with only 1 ps4?