PS4 Split screen is really bad in Boarderlands 3

Hey Guys…
Menu LAG and Tiny Fonts in split screen…
This issue is from Launch and still not addressed,

These are not stupid useless bugs, they are GAME HINDERING and need to be addressed.

I paid for a AAA game… so why this beta feeling garbage split screen?

How was this NOT flagged during QA?

Why is this being ignored and not answered?

Can we get some kind of message or tweet that you know about this and working on it?

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Any news on lag fixes??? Split screen is the only reason I bought this so called AAA game and feels like a ■■■■■■■ beta!

Only thing mentioned was that stability and performance improvements will be ongoing through future patches. If you are after vertical split screen then the only said was that they are looking into it (tweet issued not long after release date)

But why is Gearbox only “looking into it”? Vertical Split Screen should have been included from the very beginning as it was with all other versions of Borderlands. Looking through a mail slot is a pain both figuratively and literally: the combination of the horizontal window plus tiny menu card text gives my son and me headaches after about half an hour.


I’m in full agreement with you and not sure myself. The feature should be a staple like the predecessors to the series. I only play the game with my partner in couch co-op and it’s been really tough to compromise on the way things are at present and after spending £90 we should not have to

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