PS4 Standard- Latency

Hey all, has anyone experienced this issue?

I have two playstation 4’s, one is a ps4 pro, hooked up to an HDR tv with performance as the preferred mode. my other one is a ps4 standard (one of the originals from the first holiday season) hooked up to a non-hdr 1080p tv.

when playing on my pro, I have no latency issues, but the occasional performance hit while chaos ensues and some lag when opening menus (aka, nothing atypical and par for everyone else).

however, when I play on my standard, I have what seems to be a latency issue. not lag or performance, just a literal ~.1 second latency between controller input and the screen moving. if I just screen recorded, you couldn’t tell anything was wrong/abnormal.

when I am on the ps4 menu, there is no latency issue, nor for any other games (including more intensive games like horizon zero dawn).

I thought it might be performance based, but due to being a non-hdr or pro, there isnt much in the way besides FOV. changing from max fov to min fov didn’t change it at all.

my look sensitivies and deadzone settings are all the same as my pro, so I don’t think those are the culprit. should I try to fully increase/decrease them? my look sensitivity setting is 9, ADS is 6, vehicle is 6, and all inner/outer deadzone stats are 0.15 and axial deadzones are 0.6.

besides that, my ps4 is sitting on top of my shelf so it’s fully open air, and no other games experience this. can anyone think of what might be wrong?

I would try adjusting your deadzones. I did and it made gunplay perfect. I just moved them a little at a time untill it was right.

did you move them up or down?

I tryed up but that didnt so i went down. Im at zero for inner and .5 for the outer. That may not work for you, i depends on the controller, how worn it is and how sensetive it is.

i’ll have to play with it. thanks for your tips! what are your axial settings as well?

I might even send in a support ticket to see what they say/give more tips about inner/outer settings

The other thing to look at would be your actual screen settings if it’s a TV rather than monitor. If it’s a TV, check to see what mode it’s in.

i played around with that, but overall I dont think it’s the TV as the ps4 home and other games don’t have the latency