[PS4] The Algorithm glitch

Played The Algorithm on normal with 5 random allies yesterday, and everything went fine until we defeated the frigid guardian boss, and then the drill just wouldn’t punch on through the ice wall. The entire team scoured the room for any additional enemies for about ten minutes before we came to a unanimous decision to give up on it. Not sure how it happened, but I figured I’d let the forums know.

This happened to us as well. In the end, it turned out one of the final ice golem underlings hadn’t spawned. We waited and it eventually spawned. We killed it and the drill progressed to the next stage.

That is pretty odd. How long did you have to wait in the end? Like I said, all five of us hung around for ten minutes or so before giving up on it, so maybe if we’s stayed longer?

Nowhere near that long. 2 minutes or so. I doubt yours were coming.

Yeah. Definitely sounds like something that needs addressed, though.