PS4 The Pre Sequel FPS issues

Is there going to be any fixes to the huge FPS drops that are in Pre Sequel… i got the game just for the Pre Sequel coz i have played BL2 on Pc and not liking it that much anymore… but the low fps is making the game unplayable, well ok maybe not unplayable but its damn annoying and dont wanna spend much time on it… perhaps next time u guys remaster old games, do test them out and fix them before launch :smile:


Outside of the opening video the frame rate seems fine what do you guys do to replicate this ? To make the game nearly unplayable where does this happen at?

Same for me, only the intro was noticable stuttering (some screen tearing too), but as far as I played (~6 hours), no bigger problems in two player mode…(Maybe I was to distracted by the other bugs :stuck_out_tongue:)

well the fps drops happen quite often on some of the maps, doesnt even have to have enemies in it, i wouldnt mind if it was the same few fps drops that happens in BL2 in like the arena or something but when it happens by just looking around in map with no enemies its bit annoying… and theres even articles written in teh internetz about it. stuff like ""Gearbox has said it is looking into screen tear and FPS lag issues which are being widely reported by players of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel found in the PS4 and Xbox One Handsome Collection… “” so clearly im not the only person with these problems…

and it doesnt make the game unplayable but considering i bought the game for the Ps4 to get to play the game at 1080p at 60fps, im not very impressed with what i got… BL 2 runs really smooth tho


Yea i get that alot on TPS they said they were looking into but had nothing to say at the time, what i never understand is why devs let another dev team make a sequel to the game they created it always ends badly when tps launched i heard it had tons of bugs, why they let Australia make a borderlands game i will never know

Same happena with BL2…

I have exact same problems as you. I can play the game but FPS drops just looking around on some screens and if there is a firefight with a few enemies then it just gets really sluggish and slow-motion at times completely ruining the experience. So hope for a patch and will stick to BL2 for now.

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Still waiting for an official response to a patch for the shocking performance of both bl2 and tps,random drops everywhere,using vendor machines or just shooting a few mobs makes it run awful.Got my collection from psn store and have tried re-downloading it 3 times now.This is not acceptable to see this much beloved game on next gen to run so badly and fps drop for no reason.Cant really enjoy borderlands collection.I wait for a response from Tech support about a fix in future.


i really hope next game thats remastered for PS4 doesnt have Pre order option. they just get money and give us broken ■■■■■■■ game and doesnt even inform us if they have any intention to fix the ■■■■. really dissappointed in 2K and gearbox for doing this ■■■■ to the fans of the game, dont ■■■■■■■ make us pay u full retail price to be ur beta testers… TEST THE GAME BEFORE RELEASING IT FFS

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This was the last straw for me - never pre-ordering anything again, will now always check forums to see what the truth is as even the reviewers never mentioned this could happen.

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same, it seems that the pre ordering is just a way for the companies to cash in on games that they cant finish on time and will fix some day… most games i have purchased for this " Next Gen " that was supposed to be like a next generation of gaming right (?) has been either really ■■■■ games or released in condition such as this one …i quess its back to playing GTA, atleast they have working game on next gen… really wish i could get money back from this ■■■■ tho…

I was playing BL2 yesterday in the Beach map (i think it’s a DLC map story) and the framerate was… Then 3 persons joined me and… Btw, i have a shotgun that drops the frame so hard when i shoot lol

I can’t believe that they didn’t fix the framerate issues and the countless bugs on TPS yet


I’m so disapointed, nice way to keep us hyped for BL 3


I’m still waiting on a fix also . Would be nice is gearbox would confirm if they are going to fix it or not.


I have been looking for some response that they are aware of the awful frame rate issue.Would love to get a refund for this game as is now,shocking.

I don’t own ps4 but its the same on xbone. Screen tearing is AWFUL!! I would LOVE to hear an update or something that they are atleast working on the issue. GEARBOXX???

Im really disappointed aswell with this issue. wont play tps with the state it’s in at the moment. Please give us an update gearbox!

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they are aware of it, there was some articles on the web about how they are aware of it… problem is are they gonna fix it or just leave it be xD

i check back here daily hoping they will announce they are working on a patch… for TPS and the fps just in general for both games cause it drops when you fight mass enemies and these consoles can DEFF handle it. Sometimes it just drops for no reason.

yeah i do the same, already gave up on the game until its fixed.