PS4 title update?

I would like to preface the thread with my apologies if it is in the wrong place.

Decided to boot up the remaster, to be greeted with an update that isn’t even announced on these boards for as far as I know. At the very least it would be nice to get the patch notes. My Mordecai is stil waiting for transfer which I won’t feel comfortable with until things are clear.

Just googled it and all i saw was connectivity improvement for multiplayer

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Was this specifically for PS4? Or all platforms?

What i saw was only about PS4, I’m not sure if Xbone or PC got updates

I noticed. But it is stil odd that nothing got announced here, while the devs keep us up to date on this usually.

There’s been a PS4-specific update in the works to deal with the chronic connection issues. It was in final testing last I heard (through a Tweet). @Noelle_GBX may know more, as she’s mainly been the one posting other game update announcements. It could just be a timing issue?

There was a patch that went out on Thursday for PS4 that addressed the connection issues that users were having.

That should be the only update with that patch as far as I’m aware, but they are working on fixing some of the other issues users are experiencing as well.