PS4 to PS5 IMPORTANT info!

This just showed up on the Borderlands twitter feed;
“Attention Borderlands 3 players upgrading from PS4 to PS5!
Be sure to use your Golden Keys before upgrading, as they will not transfer with you! For more info, check out our FAQ.”

Two things about this.

  1. Seriously? Golden Keys are gated through your SHiFT account, are they not? Is it too difficult to migrate them? This is a player disservice.
  2. Again, why does GB not put these alerts on these forums? That’s dumb.

So all those 300+ keys people are saving up are going go to waste just like the VIP Program? I’m not sure what to say but I do feel bad for those who wants to hold onto it including me (if I ever play this on PS5 in the future)


Once you’ve redeemed the codes and they’re added to your total, they should be in your local save file. SHIFT doesn’t know whether or not you actually spend those keys. I’m not sure what would happen to the ones in your in-game email that hadn’t been fully cashed in though.

Still odd, and also odd that this appears to be only PS4-PS5. I wonder if Sony imposed some restrictions on what could be transferred?

(MS imposed restrictions for the 360->XB1 transfer for Handsome Collection, so it wouldn’t be the first time a platform has limited options like this.)

In the FAQ there is also not cool info about transfering the saves from PS4 to PS5. The guide states it need to be done via in game upload option only, and sounds like transfering the saves via usb or PS+ won’t work.

Also, your Guardian tokens will reset, so you will able to respec the trees. Don’t remember if it was the case with Handsome Collcetion.

So that sounds like - on PS at least - it’s only transferring the save files? I wonder how migration is working for other games?