PS4 to PS5 Problem

I was able to transfer my character at level 46 from ps4 to ps5 and have been playing fine since earlier this month. When I logged in just now my character went down from 65 back to 46. I am unsure how to fix this issue. I have tried to reload it but nothing it working.

Have you maybe downloaded save files from the cloud and overwritten your level 65 save file?

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I don’t believe so. In my bank all my items i’ve stored so far are still present. All the weapons and other items that are level 65 are present.

Wow, ok! That’s really strange then!!!

It sounds like you downloaded that lvl 46 character one more time from the Shift cloud, thats why your bank is still the same, but character is old.

Ahhh okay thank you!!

Thats just my theory. If you have PS+ you can backup your save to the cloud. Turn off auto upload for BL3 and it will help you next time.

Okay I will do that thank you very much!!!

Btw did they fix the “you can only upload one character save file from ps4 to ps5” thing ?

It was fixed in the first week. You can transfer all characters you have, just one at a time.

Oh sweet, thank you !

You keep your bank and guardian ranks too ?

Bank - yes
Guardian ranks - yes, you keep the points invested, but rank is reset to 1. That means you will get more points faster, cause lower GR requires less XP.