PS4 to PS5 question

Hey guys, so recently I heard that you’ll be able to get a free copy of the game for the upcoming PS5 if you currently own a copy of the game on the PS4 platform. I have a CD copy, will that also count or is only with the digital copy.

Disclaimer: Apparently for the PS5, you’ll be able to play PS4 games whether is it the digital copy or CD version. I just asked my question because that will mean I’ll have two copies of the game and I might as well gift my CD copy to someone since I’ll be getting a digital version. I think.

You will need your physical copy to play the Digital one on PS5 I guess.

So you NEED to buy the disc PS5 version for it to function?

On PS5 Digital version you will need BL3 in digital as well. On Standard PS5 version you can also use your physical game.

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I imagine it will work the way current stuff works. So to put it another way: if you bought a physical copy on PS4, you’ll need to use that disk as a DRM unlock for the PS5 version. If you bought digital on PS4, the licence should just transfer without needing a disk.

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