PS4 to PS5 transfer problem

After transferring my character from the PS4 version onto the PS5, I noticed that I was missing the transfer of all my character skins, emotes, character heads, and room decorations. I have some of the more festive character skins but I did not get the ones that I had previously unlocked in the PS4 version of Borderlands 3. Has anyone else encountered this problem or seen a fix for this potential bug?

I’ve tried re-downloading my character with no adjustment or changes to the problem. I’m not really interested in starting from scratch but I am curious to see if this is a known issue and it is being looked into.


Same thing for me. I was only able to successfully transfer a character after clearning “User Settings”.

Afterwards I lost the same things as you, it seems there’s an issue transfering the account wide “User Settings” as well as the characters

Had no official reply of any kind. Can’t believe this is still in a issue

Yea. Same. It took me 4 tries just to get my bank to transfer with my character. Still no unlocks like skins or trinkets so I don’t want to change anything cuz then they’re gone for good if they were unlocked from a timed event. At least I got my bank to transfer eventually so I’ll settle for that. No golden keys transferred either, so I lost all those.

doesn’t surprise me as guessing there still working on kinks with ps5 also maybe hense why it all doesnt go across but also i have all my ps4 data saves backed up to usb as well incase.

Yeah, hopefully this is something that is addressed soon. I really like the game and was planning on playing it for a while but coming into the PS5 without everything I’ve earned is discouraging.

Very smart thing to do by backing up your saves. I’ve done the same but I still encountered this issue described above. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

I lost my golden keys as well. I wasn’t using them but having your complete bank, weapon trinkets, room decorations, and character skins shouldn’t have gone away with the transfer. As frustrating as it is, I’m waiting for an update with this problem solved before I put some good time into BL3 in the PS5.