PS4 Tournaments/Teams anywhere?

We’ve had this game out for a while. I’ve been reading through these topics and I have found nothing about any teams forming for PS4, any tournaments, or really anything other than complaints about Gearbox.

I just would like to know if this kind of thing exists. I don’t want to here why you think you are justified in your complaining I just want to see who has teams, who wants to form teams, and who wants to play tourneys.

I’m down for getting a team, tired of solo queuing and 100% be the only one using a mic, and I might as well be talking to myself half the time

I play every night 10-11p til about 2a

PSN - Musicopia

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Im going to host one in July. I’ll enter one if anyone has one planned already. Add me on PSN and I’ll send you a link to the community we are using or vice versa.


I’m interested in all of this stuff. Will be playing this game hardcore for a long time. PSN Triazic. Add me to whatever.

Hello sorry if this is a late response.

I am team captain of Blood Meridian. We are looking for legit competition in meltdown.

Check out helix gamers league on battlefly
There is a discord to join and a free agents section.

Also if you are looking for other good players to group/team up with come to my stream on