PS4 TPS: Can I unlock UVHM without completling the TVHM campaign?

I’m lvl 48 with Jack and my game is currently broken, I’m on the quest “A new Direction” in TVHM and when I goto the scavtrap who is supposed to give me the Darksiders quest he just stands there and does nothing and I cannot progress further. I know I can join a game that is on that quest but I don’t see any games poping up with that quest so I’m kind of boned.

So I’m wondering if anybody has either a suggestion on how to fix the quest bug or if somebody has the quest and would let me join their game. Or if anybody knows a way to unlock UVHM so I can just move on.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can use a splitscreen character to get through TPS ‘stuck’ missions. I did that on PS3 so I assume it will still work.