PS4 trophies for Handsome Collection

Will the Handsome collection have a separate list of Trophies for BL2 and TPS?

EDIT: Three hours after my initial post, the PS4 version of BL2 has just had its trophy set added to the PSN servers. So both games in the Handsome Collection are confirmed as having new/separate trophy lists from their last-gen counterparts. Good for people who like to “stack” completions, bad for those that were part-way through and wanted to switch versions in the midst. Below is my original message:

** Each of the two games has its own list, yes. With the same achievements/trophies as each game did on 360/PS3/Steam. The question being whether they would share the same trophy lists as the last-gen versions, as many cross-save titles do, or if they’d get new lists of their own:

They’ve already added a new trophy list for the PS4 version of The Pre-Sequel to the PSN servers this past week. So that is confirmed as having a separate list from PS3. The list for BL2 is not posted on the servers yet, but folks are assuming it will have a separate list as well. Sometimes the PSN servers will get a list only a day before (or day of) release, whereas on Xbox Live they tend to go up sooner. The XBL ones for both Handsome Collection games have been up for a while.

My hope was that BL2 would share the same trophy list with the PS3/Vita ports, since they have shown precedent in it being possible to share. Also since the games have cross-save support, Sony tries to get games to share trophy lists in those situations nowadays. But since the trophies will apparently not auto-pop like they do in many cross-save titles, I guess having the separate list can be good for folks that completed the PS3 port 100% and want to do it again. **

I’m kinda glad about this. Means I definitely have incentive to start over with a fresh set of characters.