PS4 Trophies transferring to PS5

Hey guys,

As far as I’m aware, it’s impossible to transfer PS4 trophies to PS5 at the moment.

Before I start a new PS5 BL3 save and start collecting the trophies again, is there any plans on transferring the trophies earned from PS4 to PS5 in the future?

Thank you.

Trophies should be linked to your psn account

Aye, they are but currently ps4 and ps5 trophy list for BL3 does not stack.

I.E. they are separate.

Gearbox has said this is a bug a month or two ago but they are yet to fix it. Just wondering if they will or if not, I want to start a new game and start collecting them again.

PS5 version of the game has separate trophies. You can still earn PS4 trophies while playing PS4 version of the game on PS5.
Also transferring character from PS4 to PS5 unlocks some trophies in PS5 version.

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