Ps4 Trophy help

Hi I’m obviously new here and was wondering if some people would be interested/willing in helping me in getting a few achievements in BL2, namely friendship rules and and hmmmm (this one is because I accidently shot him on my normal playthrough)

You can do Hmmm solo on the second or third playthrough. I could help with Friendship Rules but not until January

sounds like a plan.

Moved you to the right section. Good luck!

I can help you out with any trophies right now if you want. Psn thatguysh4rk

those are the primary ones I need, also I’m missing all named locations in the base game and I’m not sure what I am missing

Try “Southern Shelf - Bay”, there is a glacier section that no mission leads to.

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There’s also the small cave under the roadway in Eridium Blight - it’s about where the gate down the road from the Fast Travel is, on the opposite side of the road to the gate. And there’s a couple of bits of the Three Horns maps which are easy to not fill out - just check the map in your inventory tab for any gaps in the solid outline.

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That is the best advice you can get for this challenge.
Do that and if you find a place you can’t reach, come back.

Another often missed spot is Avi’s Camp in Sawthoot Cauldron.

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