PS4 UI Text too small

Hi Folks,
I am playing Borderlands 3 on a PS4 Pro. I use a 60 Inch Plasma TV, but even with this, the Icons and the Text of the UI are way to small, so that my head is aching soon after starting to play the game.

Is there any way to somehow remedy this? How can the UI or the Text Size be changed?

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Sadly you have to just deal with it. Might change in the future, but so far we all have to lean in or stand up just to read.

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Same on all platforms unfortunately - I regularly have to get up to go read item text when vendoring etc. A larger font size across the entire UI would be such a huge QoL improvement.


Major QOL downgrade. Wish they woulda just left the text icons the same as the previous Borderlands. Everything is so tiny and hard to read now.

A side note; and more of a nitpick really but I wish the kill-skill icon colors would corresponde to the skill tree they are from. Would make it easier to indirectly keep track of them via peripheral sight.


Moze Drowing in Brass icon would show up with a red background while Redistribution shows up green.

Would make it easier to keep track of procs and timers.

But yeah, text size is way too small. Ridiculously small even.