PS4 Unable to mark loot as Junk/Favorite

Hi, so ever since the update me and brother (we pay co-op online) have noticed that we are no longer able to mark our guns as favorite or junk UNLESS we go to a vending machine and do it there (which in my opinion becomes pointless). The only other options to toggle the item is if it is a currently equipped item, then that item alone while equipped can be toggled accordingly. You can imagine having to equip each item one at a time in order to toggle this simple feature can be very annoying and time consuming. In addition waiting to run into a vending machine in order to do this also defeats the purpose for me because why waist time marking something as junk just to sell it right away. Now when I’m on my adventures and my backpack is full it is extremely annoying having to go down my list of loot over and over again when I stumble on better loot in order to determine which gun is the worst or least valuable since I can no longer make that quick distinction between items I’ve collected. Please fix this and or bring back the easy feature of being able to toggle weapons as junk or favorites without having to go to a vending machine.


Same issue, it appears to be a widespread bug, per here & Reddit.

I posted to another thread about it, submitted a ticket, and I included what they told me in that post (here’s the link; you may need to scroll down a bit to see what they said):

The only workarounds are doing what they say there (which is what I’ve done): can’t really do dynamic comparisons, just tag while in-store or at bank :frowning: