[PS4] Unrecoverable loot from Agonizer 9000

Been farming Agonizer 9000 for some runs and almost all the legendary loot falls into the pit. It makes it impossible to recover. Is anyone experiencing this issue?

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Its annoying but you could use lost loot machine. If you are in tvhm, you can switch to normal mode and travel to sanctuary and then go back to tvhm and still be at Agonizer arena. :slight_smile:

Lost loot machine is always empty since some time after farming runs. I have hoped to find the weapons in the machine but nothing.
It happened to me after farming Katagawa Jr. and Agonizer 9000.
Is any fix coming for this?

If your LLM is empty, make sure your game is set to Cooperation mode. You can change it in main menu.

Loot falling into pit from A9000 is due to Lootsplosion modifier. Best way right now is to change that modifier to something else.
You can also submit a ticket to 2K support https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Since it’s been a persistent issue in BL1, 2 and 3 I don’t have a lot of hope for a fix.
The fix in BL3 was kind of a “I give up” fix and the Lost Loot machine was born, must have been easier than trying to address the problem inside the mesh that is the BL geometry.
And as @GrzesPL says, make sure your mode is in co-op.

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OK I had indeed this modifier applied on mayhem mode 10. In this stage where a hole is in the center, it is not the best idea.
Before dying, the head of A9000 bangs on the floor and the lootsplosion scatter the objects.

I also changed the mode to co-op and LLM fills up when I got back to Sanctuary.

Thanks for the details.