Ps4 UPR Tour help!

So I cant seem to ever get on a team with 3 other peacekeepers and I’m nearly finished with his other lore challenges so if anyone wanted to team up and kill ourselves on hardcore 5 times that would be awesome! also willing to help with other lore challenges if needed.

also sorry if I posted this in wrong section

Got ya moved to the PS4 section, friend.

Have fun!

PSN ginger_greninja

I felt the pain of this one for a LONG time. Happy to help. Australian though so time zones etc

oh cool yeah ill add you next time i’m on

I’m willing to help if you help me get “Woodsworn” done (the all Eldrid team one)

PSN: Xascai

ok cool yeah I need the all eldrid one also so sounds good will add you next time im on! or just add slyfox87 if I forget haha

we have 3 on now so if anyone else is we can do this!

Sorry! I just saw this. Feel free to add me: SirIsaacNewbton. If you see me on, hit me up, I’ll help you out with whatever lore I can.

I’ll help if you need another.