PS4 users I need your help please

Are you guys using any set up to change weapons? Pressing R1 is so obsolete and absurd. Right now, UP arrow is the only arrow that have any purpose and I didn’t request this change. I like pointing at things but WHO HAD THE IDEA TO GET RID OF THE D-PAD WEAPON CHANGE SYSTEM?!?!!?11!?1/!/1/1/!//!!!

can’t you change that back in the options menu?

I change it to the classic but the 4th slot in dpad i change to toggle weapon mode. I change missions in the menu screen, and you can go without marking.

Same. Kinda sucks to lose ping, but ping can still work outside of combat by holding down the option button. Also gives you access to emotes.

Yeah •> options •> controls •> layout (I think) •> toggle to classic

After that, it’ll feel like bl 2 again.