PS4 version of Battleborn - how is it?

I’m thinking of getting PS4 to play Battleborn and hope PS4 users can share their experience with it.

  • How many frames-per-second does it have? Anything below 60 always looks sluggish to me.
  • Are there any limitations compared to PC version? Poor textures, different maps, any content different from PC?
  • Any platform-specific things? Like, for World of Tanks on Xbox you need an Xbox Live subscription.
  • Can I use PS Move to aim?
  • Are there any video settings in-game? Like if I wanted to turn some stuff off to improve performance.
  • Is it a true 1080p or upscaled like it was for Crysis 3? You know, when you look at the picture and it’s not sharp but like the pixels are much bigger than they should be.
  • As I understand the only way to communicate with other people is in-game voice as there’s no keyboard and no in-game commands like “attack”, “help”, etc? If so, can you completely disable the comms to avoid hearing how other people’s dogs bark, babies cry etc?
  • Is it available in the digital store so I could just download the deluxe edition?


I’ll answer what I can.

It is not 60 frames. After playing 60 frame games, I can tell that it is not.

A lot of the textures UI textures appear to be lacking from what I’ve seen on PC builds.

You will need PS Plus to play online. Disappointing thing about PS4.

There is no keyboard or command oriented emotes.

It is available in the digital store (PSN). I have the Digital Deluxe edition.

I look through setting and such to see if I can find more answers for you.

1: I think its 60 fps. Never noticed any sluggishnes.

2: Every image/video from pc I’ve seen shows same game.

3: As of now, no platform specific stuff. During beta there was.

4: I don’t think so, but not sure.

5: Nope, notjing beyond HUD placement stuff. I will note performance will not be an issue. Even at it’s craziest I have not noticed drops in framerate or video lag.

6: No clue. Looks fine to me, but I’m guessing this is something a pc player would notice more.

7: Yes, in game chat is not required to be used. I do suggest finding a team your ok with that doesn’t have irritating backgrou d noise, as communication is big on pvp.

8: Yes, sold on psn store. Buy away.

Thanks guys. Shame about PS+ though. But otherwise sounds great! Gonna give it a try when the download’s done.