PS4 v's XB1 loot quality

Hey all I’m a long time player of the PlayStation console, I mean I got the original PlayStation when it was first released (yes I’m that old).
Since playing bl3 I have begun comparing the loot between the 2 consoles and have realised XB1 gets far more beneficial rolls on it class mods and artifacts. This could quite well be old news for all I know but I’m curious as to others opinions on this as personally I feel a bit ripped of by this.

I can’t see a difference on purpose. You will have different stats between accounts, plus too many other variables to try and compare. You won’t have a common baseline to test between platforms.

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Well I’m basing this of items being sold on eBay, player auctions etc and quite simply the XB1 items all have far superior rolls on them and this is from several different sellers.

This is a very peculiar observation. I do not suggest paying people real life moneys for gear that just drops after you press buttons in a victorious kinda way.

Loot pool code is hard code man. Those numbers work the same across the board. Maybe its just Xbox players have more of a hand in third party money filtering than PlayStation players…

I would never risk GB taking away license to play due to me making money off of their IP.

Ok let me try and explain this as best I can. Here is a ps4 bloodletter possibly the best I have seen on this platform.

Now here are 2 xb1 variants both imo far better

But where my train of thought comes from is I see plenty of people selling the same items however the ps4 ones never stack up against the xb1. How is it possible that several xb1 players can get these rolls yet no ps4 player can?

Gut feelings and casual surveys of a single source (be it as large as ebay) do not give you solid data to compare the two platforms. I suck at maths, but I do know that statitistical analysis is tricky and complicated - people actually go to university to learn about it. There is, statistically speaking, no evidence for your theory.

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EBay, player auctions, gameflip, bl3 items, g2g plus several other sites are the source of my information, it’s quite blatant that Xbox get far better rolls than ps. Look for yourself and you’ll see, simply pick an item then search those available on ps4 and take note of the rolls then do the same search for the same item but on xb1 and see what you find…

“Yet no Ps4 player can.”

That’s an assumption my dear brochief, based on unreliable data.

I do not suggest you move to Xbox in order to gain better drops as the consoles APU does not define loot pools, the game does. We all have the same game man. Please believe and return to farming as best you can, don’t look at other peoples gear. The misconception is people need to trade to get good gear. It drops, there are ~130 legendarys which are good chances for each individual to experience goddrops provided they put the time in.

Just throw the theory out the window… Its like spreading fear lol


I can’t look because I know the game has been designed for me to get the goddrops, I just have to put work in and not seek a shortcut. Where is the pride in shortcut?

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Put in the time… I’ve played over 700 hours of bl3 lol but i should put in the time, ok man. Look I never started this thread with any intention of arguing with anyone it’s just an observation I’ve made from browsing online.

700 hrs and your saying Xbox has better loot? Report it? I dunno, it just doesn’t make sense to me that loot pools differ between platforms

To make sense of it we would have to say that during development of BL3 for Xbox Gearbox had to make the numbers higher in order for the chip to run the game properly? Crazy man but yeah report it. Injustice!

I dunno about this. Seems to me to be like comparing hands from decks of cards with red backs or blue backs. Unless you have millions of data points, it may well look skewed.

And didn’t know you could buy gear on ebay. Selling a virtual rng item… wow, I am so last century :smiley:

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I used to buy Diablo 2 items in 2009 …$3.45aus to buy into endgame like a God. Its criminal imo

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I agree. Where’s the fun if you can just buy top tier items?

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Its the journey that matters most, at the end there is nothing… They race there they do :slight_smile: intentionally shortcutting an experience is just that.
There’s a whole cake, I’m gonna eat it lol


I’d say it is more like going straight for the dessert menu. Sure it tastes good, but when the sugar runs out you realise you are still hungry because you didn’t get any meat and potatoes.

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I wanna know what loadout plebs were running when they were lvl 40 on solo runs… No one really speaks of it. Some people had a hard time because they stay aesthetic and used their own drops.
No one talks about the way up. I took 3days game time for my first through. Absorbed it all, everything. End game is end game. Start game is a different beast… Yes god gear is so cool I love it but its a small percentage of the game.

I’ll be daring and throw stupid statistics;

-Why do people play the last “5%” of the game… - obsess over it