[PS4] [W] Arms race Flak and Moze mods w/ good rolls, face puncher x14 w ase melee, Any smog w n2m o other good anoint [H] see below

Willing to give a bunch for these items!!! Must have double melee roll and AS start

I Have:

New Season 2 lv65

Plasma coils: urad, CH, 200splash, n2m cryo fire rad shock, 100 phase flare, Auto bear active 130 fire, iron cub active 100 dmg

Tizzy 100 phase flare, shock, rad urad, rad and cryo CH

clockwork res

trickshot 25/50, ase 50 corr?

dark army phase cast 250, urad(rainbow except cryo ) Fire n2m corrosive

hotfoot teddy urad, ase 2 mags fire&rad, 25/50, 100phaseflare(dp), 300 phaseslam

Critical thug x2 urad, 38472 novas

boogyman asa 200, ase 50 cryo(?) Ch in rad, corrosive, shock

madcap ase elements

gasmask phaseslam 200 melee, ase 50% corrosive &fire

beskar 5% health regeneration, fadeaway nova, 100% amp shield break ASE in a few elements, exit IB +75

Gasmask sntnl move speed, 50 fire, shock ASE, phaseslam melee 200

hot spring 50% ase all elements, grenade thrown 25%

A couple holy grail and death rattles

new groll Amara & Zane coms,

Older main game/Dlc gear

Rainbow lightshows CH

Rainbow Blood starved beasts CH

Rainbow Monarchs x8 CH

Lots of sntnl gear

Transformer in all ASE elements, IB exit +75 shield

Projectile recursion x2 multiple elements n2m

Old gods in many elements with aASE 50%

frozen heart asa

(next may be under lv 65->)Muse/driver/phazezerker grolls Seeing dead grolls. Good bloodletters, blast masters, bounty hunters, cosmic stalkers

Tons more gear, please ask!!!

Message or friend psn: angotti81

I have the knife drain you want :wink: And stinger ice too but lv60
I’ll add you

What would you like in return?

Got old god fire?
Madcap ASE shock?
Good fl4k COM( bounty hunter, cosmic stalker, new dlc5)with pistol/weapon/crit damage/mag size?

got old god fire ase corr,
shock madcap ase cap ase creo (though i had more))
Sent FR, can send pics of diff flak mods

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Can I see pics of your Recursions?

Sent you some items in your mail. I’m waiting for your mods pics :+1:t5:
And i’m taking that fire old god you have

Have a knife drain white elephant with the double melee roll and splash if you are interested

Have ass stingers in NE, Cryo, Rad, and Incendiary as well

i already got what i needed but sure, think were friends

Got my requested items but might be down for other items. psn angotti81

I’ve got a kinetic smog with n2m cryo. If you’re still looking. Got any lvl 65 homing mirv ever blasts?

I’ve only found whites and blues in Arms Race, didn’t save them :frowning:

Damn. If you come across any just let me know. Will also take the keenfire and sureshot (I think those are the names?) The pistol and SMG, I know I’m asking something odd thinking people will save purple guns at this point with limited stash and 5 dlcs

Will do, I’ve been using them like crazy in Arms Race. But again most likely white or blue

I got the Moze groll and the x14 ASE Facepuncher