[PS4] [W] Spiritual driver w (Must have)Melee dmg +(preferably )Splash dmg +3 or Action skill dmg. mindfulness +3...willing to trade for something close[H] see below

Consecutive hits:

Full monarch set

Full lightshow set

Full Blood starved beast set

Flipper (rad/cryo)

breath of the dying

And a bunch more gear +100 element, Old God +50 element etc.

Most game breaker Amara gear, Face punchers, lv1 brawler wards, Ep white elephants etc.

Do you have a Lv1 brawler ward with ase Fire Damage

probably, have a bunch. Do u have a Driver w/ melee dmg?

Lv57 Melee/COV Damage/ASCD, +3 mindfulness +2 helping hands

Dammit I have ase shock corrosive and radiation, 100 melee ase brawler ward. And a frozen heart w/ Action skill start. Transformers in all ASE elements, Old gods in all elements, It’s piss in a bunch of ASE elements, fish slaps, An elemental projector w +77 melee

I’ve got this 57 driver, can trade for that melee brawlers ward if it’s level one. If it’s not, drop a friend request to lukman4068 and I’ll mail it out when I’m back Sunday if you want it.

Thanks but I have that driver. Looking for one with melee dmg

Hey mate, i’m interested fot your driver. I have a lv1 ward 300% melee cryo ASE

Messaged you on PSN


I have the SD you want.

Do you have a radiation old god +75% exit iron bear?

i don’t unfortunately. All mine are mostly ASE element 50

What are the other perks on yours, I have a ton of gear. Just built my moze and she destroys with consec hits flippers and lightshows

Well I’m working on low life radiation Moze.

I have a good Old God but I wanna try this anoint to make her stronger.

Gotcha, wish I could help

I do have an old god w/ the + 25 rad dmg ase im not sure 50 something

Maybe you got some 300/90 Tedior guns?

Ill check