[PS4] [W] Yellowcake x2 100ASE, Plaguebearers 100ase[H] Lots of good stuff, See list

Also looking for elemental Monarchs 100ASE, Lv 57 One shotter, killswitch and revengenator shield with good anoint (Zane movement or 50 element ASE), Stagecoach x25 with good Anoint - Updated 5/11

Everything is M10 except shields/coms/grenades/relics

Kaoson x2 Sntnl all elements

NEW Kaoson x2 100ASE all elements

Yellowcake x 2 300/90 & 75 Rad to badass & SNTL cryo

Recusion x2 50% incendiary/ 300/90/ 100ase

NEW Recursion x2 Shock/Corr 100ASE - Prime takedown Amara Gear

Cutsmans in fire & corr 100ASE Shock in 125Badass

Anarchy x 20 100ASE in fire/corrosive/shock/cryo

Lob corr & fire 100ASE

Monarch x8 cryo 100ASE

Monarch x4 100ASE

Monarch x8 SNTNL in Kinetic and Rad

Lead Sprinkler IB 125 fire & 100ASE

Ineffeble pearl +50 mag +12% fire rate

Spiritual driver splash/weapon/shotgun dmg

Corr Kaoson x2 ASE 50 fire next 2 mags

cryo Kaoson x2 150 rad under 50%

Nopewpew x4 50/150

Skullmasher 300/90 & 50/150

Cocky Bastard 100% Rakk Attack

Cocky bastard 50% shock ASE

Shock Kaoson x 2 300/90

Rad Oldridian 100ASE

Hellshock 100ASE & Sntnl 100 cryo

Pewpew x4 300/90 & ASA 200

Soulrender (fire) consec hits

Fire &Kinetic boom Sickle 300/90

Sandhawk in Shock & corr 100ASE

Reflux x14 300Phaseslam & 100ASE

OPQ consec hits & 100ASE & Sntl 100 cryo

Corr Plaguebearer + 50 fire ASE

Clairvoyance(not masher) 150/50% & 300/90 & 100 ASE & 50%ase shock or rad

Clairvoyance Masher 100ASE

Fish Slap Grenade ASA grenade dmg +150 in many elements & 50% elementASE

It’s piss 50 shock ASE

Mirvtacular Hex in Rad & shock -50 fire ASE

Rad Engulfing shredifier x2 100ase

Brainstormer x2 100ASE

Hellshock 100ASE & SNTL Cryo

rad corr destructs spinner 125 splash ase

wagon wheel 100ase

Maggie 100ase, 300/90, 200ASA, Phaseslam 300, Consec hits, 500 on elemental crit

Grease trap 300/90 & 125splash

corr cuts man 300/90

DNA ase 75 rad (siren)

Scourge 125 splash

Rad Faisor 125 to badass ase

Bullet Buffet Old God +50 rad ase

Survivor Old God +50 fire ase

  • MUCH more in safe (lots of ASA 200 and Sntnl)

Pm any questions,

PSN: angotti81

Thanks and happy hunting!

also have Kaoson 125% against badass named bosses fire element.

Looking for 100 ASE

Got a redistributor Cryo 49mag with sntnl.
Interested in your clairvoyance 300/90.

I think I have cryo and radiation already but I’ll double check

If I don’t have the 200 ASA I’ll trade you something for it. I’ll check in a min

I was wrong, I don’t have it. FR sent

What’s dmg on that OPQ?l with CH


I’ll trade for the ASA 200 Yellowcake. let me know what you want. Psn angotti81


I’m looking over your list as well. I have a Reflux x14 100%ASE, a cryo and kinetic Monarch 100%ASE and SNTL redistributor in Cryo and Rad (i think). I wont be on for an hour or so but I def can make those trades.

Im looking at the Recursion x2 100%ASE.
Im also looking at the Old Gods too but they have to be 20%cryod mg w/ sntl move speed 15% OR 20%shock dmg w/ ASE 50% any element.

Unfortunately the old gods are fire and radiation +20 dmg respectively.

The 100ase recursion is shock/radiation. However on my Amara I like the 50% incendiary ASE better. Its cryo/corrosive. I can give you both.

I can send you shots of everything PSN angotti81

As long as the 100ASE recursion is x2 thats all i need. Ill be on BL3 in an hour or so.

PSN Renovatio_Zero

Gotcha, FR sent.

Sent, with the old gods in case. Whatever you want to throw me I’m happy with.

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Good trades my man. here’s a like!

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Right back at you! Thanks again!

Hey buddy, what is the damage for Recursion x2 ASE 50, 300/90 and ASE 100?
Bullet & survivalist old god, can you send me pictures.
PSN kenet888

FR sent