PS4 Want to trade?

Does anyone have the following items?

  • OP8 Norfleet (any element)
    -OP8 Legendary Siren COM
  • Magic Missle x4 (any level)
    I can offer:
  • OP8 DP Unkempt Harold
  • OP8 Sandhawk (any element)
  • OP7 Legendary Cat COM
    My PSN is: prieto832

I can drop these for you. On most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami


Thanks! I’ll send a friend request.

I didn’t drop you the correct COM? I thought you needed the Cat COM. I’ll drop tonite. Sorry about that.

Don’t worry about it. I was farming the bunker last night and got 2 Legendary Siren COMs! The Cat COM was better than the one I had :D.

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