Ps4 Willing to to trade for Poker Night 2 heads

Sorry, not sure where to put this as I couldnt find a Ps4 trade site but am willing to trade for the Poker Night 2 vanities. Especially the Krieg one.

I have ridiculous amounts of perfect parted gear to trade. Thanks.

Got you moved to the correct section. Although I’m not sure you can trade the poker night reward heads?

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As far as I know, those heads and skins aren’t tradable. You have to get and unlock them through Poker Night 2. I think they don’t even show up in your inventory as items.

Yeah, I’ve long made my peace with the fact that I’ll never have those heads and skins.


Damned shame.

Correct. a little over a year ago I purchased Poker Night 2 on my xbox 360 to unlock the Sal Head. Which I did. Upon doing so, you have to grab it from your shift reward, that is how it comes to you. But, it’s so old that it didn’t work. So, I had to submit a trouble ticket, and upon doing so they gave me the head in my shift reward, that after unlocking, I could now equip from the change station. I went through all of this, to try and pull that head over to my xbox1 handsome collection which is where I had my fail. According to the support, that cannot be done for whatever reason. they ended up giving me a bunch of golden keys as a consolation.