(PS5) All Guardian Tokens gone after PS4 to PS5 Transfer

Recently got back into BL3 after getting a PS5. I followed the instructions to transfer my saves over and everything seemed to work fine until I logged in and looked at my guardian rank screen. To my shock, my Rank level was 250+ as I left it, but all of my tokens are gone. No perks unlocked, nothing.

This wouldn’t be a problem if my rank had reset too, but now to level up my Guardian Rank, I need to get the 250+ amount of xp to get the first 1% increase unlocks which drastically inhibits my strength in the end game.

I contacted 2K support and they have submitted the bug to the Dev team, but wanted to bring awareness here in case anyone else is having this problem since I couldn’t find any threads online.

Really sucks, hoping for a fix soon.