Ps5 and ps4 cross-gen please HELP

Hi guys me and my friend can’t join into game together im playing on ps5 and he is playing on ps4 please help

Check internet connection. And this is not crossplay.

Lol man thats all ok :rofl: we are on voice chat on ps but cant join game together

Check it anyway, restart router, maybe unlock needed ports. There might be many reasons why you can’t connect.
Is there any error msg? Can you play with others?

I dont have any other friends with b3 and error says:unable to connect host …
But once i try playing with randoms and everthing works

How can I unlock that ports ?

Or this msg: could not connect host

I had this problem with a buddy of mine. Not sure if this helps, it resolved itself when we simply restarted the app. It only took the one time but for some reason, when we tried to play again on another day, we had to redo this process. It worked for us, perhaps give it a go?

i started to have a similar issue. like any other day, we connect fine. but latest system update just doesnt let me connect. I have good connection and as soon as I try to join his session, i just lose connection. but the connection is fine. which is odd and getting frustrating.

We try this many times and stil cant join