Ps5 and xbox series x achievements,trophies

just wondering when we get the upgrade versions of bl3 for ps5 and the new xbox will we get a new set off achievements,trophies,or will the unlocked ones from ps4 and xbox one just carry over.

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Trophies are binded to you PSN or Microsoft profile. Doesnt matter which console you play PS3, PS4 or PS5. The trophies are saved on you profile and not your console.

yes i know this but what i’m asking is if there is a new set off achievements,trophies for the ps5 and new xbox upgraded version of borderlands 3,like when we had xbox 360 version of borderlands 2 then played xbox one version of borderlands 2 we had a new set off achievements,thanks for your answer

Ok this is something I can’t answer.

Also regions matter. I have platinumed Demon’s Souls 3 times because it was released in EU>Europe NA>USA and JP>Japan (I have accounts from these regions so able to but them from PSN store with cards), there are also Hong Kong, Korea etc so games also released in those you could theoretically get all the trophies 6-7 times. Most PS4 games are WW>World Wide but some still come in regions, such as Mortal Shell is EU NA and JP so could do that one 3 times.

As for next gen upgrades, I am not sure myself yet, but as they are a literal upgrade I can’t see them having new trophy/achievement lists, but it would be nice to redo Bloodborne, Dark Souls etc. Talking of souls, Demon’s will have a new platinum because it is a complete remake rather than remaster/upgrade.
I am trying to find out answers to this myself on my trophy forums so if I find anything for sure, will let you all know, cheers :slight_smile:

thank you

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