Ps5 arms race not working

I have the disc version of bl3 that I played on my ps4. I installed it all ok when i got my ps5 and updated to the ps5 version. Today I decided to get the 2nd season pass on the ps store. I bought it and then downloaded arms race. When I go to the poster in-game it says I dont have arms race installed. So I go back to bl3 menu and hit the start downloadable content menu and sure enough it shows up red as not installed. When i go back to the playstation menu and click manage game content for bl3 arms race is there. Has anyone else had this problem?

I’ve heard of things like this happening on PS before, even on PS4. One possibility is that there is a licence region mismatch between your physical disk (which you still need to authorise BL3 on PS5) and the Season Pass you purchased. IIUC the region is embedded in the SKU for the items in the store.

Otherwise, I would suggest a full reboot of the PS5 (not a soft restart) and do whatever voodoo it is that forces the system to rebuild its content database.

If none of that works, you can drop a support ticket to 2K/GBX, or drop a line to the Sony store to double check you have the correct Season Pass version.

I ended up opening a support ticket. What worked was restoring lincences in the settings menu of the ps5.