PS5 Bought add-ons and save file overwritten?

Recently picked back up with Borderlands after upgrading to the PS5. After troubleshooting I figured out that I had to upload/download my PS4 saves in the game to get them over to the PS5. Mission accomplished.

Here’s the problem - it’s now three weeks later - I’ve leveled up my main character quite a bit, even started a new character and am halfway through the main story again. I’m enjoying it so much that I decided to buy the season pass to play the DLC tonight.

Big mistake, apparently?? After installing the first DLC, the game boots up like it’s completely fresh. No characters - only “New Game” option. Tells my Dualshock controller doesn’t work with PS5 games (which I’ve been playing Borderlands with for three weeks on the PS5).

Weird. So I click “Download Save”, and what does it do? Download my character from THREE WEEKS ago. From that original save file when I transferred over from the PS4.

I can’t believe it. Did I just inadvertently download a three-week old save and overwrite my game? Where is my local save with the character I’ve been playing on for three weeks, let alone my new character? Why would simply downloading the add-on essentially reset my PS5 game as new? Please don’t tell me dozens of hours of playtime have just disappeared. Help!

Nevermind, figured out from this Reddit thread that there are TWO versions of Borderlands that have been on my PS5, and I’ve apparently been playing on the PS4 version of the game (on my PS5 - confusing!).

Now I can see that I can switch between versions and upload/download saves.