Ps5 - Controller Light

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I did search and couldn’t find it.

So, really not very important but I have massive FOMO right now with the controller light - I read in multiple places that the PS5 light would change colour based on the element of your gun. That sounds quite cool, but my controller doesn’t even have the light on full stop.

Is this feature actually live and available ?

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Yes, it is active and works exactly the same way as on PS4.

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Any idea why it wouldn’t be working in that case - would it be worth re-installing the game

I know its only trivial but literally the controller light doesnt come on at all for any reason.

Never tried the PS4 version - I’ve gone from PC to PS5.

Not sure. Do you have the light at the bottom of touchpad?

Yeah, and it works in other games - mainly PS4 games so far - but its not a controller issue as far as I can tell.

Do you have latest FW update for DualSense? And for game.
You can try reinstall of the game.

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I haven’t updated the firmware for the controller since the launch day in UK, but it hasn’t prompted me too - I’ll try checking for an update later on to see if there is one.

The game is on the latest update / hotfix.

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As an update; the controller, game and PS5 software are all on the latest available updates.

Interestingly, I have been testing this with another person - we both have the same experience. PS4 games have the lightbar working without issue, but nearly ALL Ps5 games do not…the only one to date that uses the lightbar is Astros Playroom.