Ps5 could not connect to host

I just bought the base game for my son’s ps4 and my ps5. When I try to join his game or him mine the connection fails. I can play any other game online and we are on the same wifi. What should I do to resolve this issue?

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Any help or things I could try would be appreciated.

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I spent 3 of the past 5 days not even being able to connect to any matchmaking on my PS5: Constant “Matchmaking Error Code 5”.

Tried wifi, ethernet (Cat5, Cat6), resetting/restarting the modem & router, making sure the router’s firmware was up to date, testing the connection via PS Connection Test & Speedtest(a slower than normal 61.2 mbps) before I gave up. No issues on any other game I tried over that period as well.

Redownloaded the game to try on my PS4 Pro to see what would happen… “Matchmaking Error Code 5”

Randomly tried matchmaking later that day on PS5 and it finally connected to the server! Clicked on “Campaign” and waited… and waited… Almost 2 full days later, I still can’t find anybody to play with.

Tired on both Classic Mode(which is what I want to play) and Cooperation Mode(which I figured would have a larger population) with no success…

So, if you wanna play, I’m down. Shoot me your username, or I can send mine.

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Just tried a few more times, still cannot connect to host.

You guys think being on the same wifi could cause a problem? It hasn’t affected dying light, humans fall flat, fortnight, or any other online multi-player games from working for us.

I downloaded the ps4 version to my ps5 and I still cannot connect. I can play with other people in matchmaking but not my son in the same house.

Is this the proper place for tech support? Is it normal to go days with no offical reply?