PS5 Game Breaking Progress Glitch

Heya, I recently got a PS5 and started playing from scratch on it, and I recently got hit by a massive glitch preventing me from doing anything in the game.

So around the time I reached Eden-6, my character save has been going completely whack, with a few things happening, with no rhyme or reason to them to even figure out what my trigger the glitch.

My save file now alternated between me being on Chapter 2, being able to progress in it, being on Chapter 7, without being able to progress in it, being on Chapter 12, being able to progress in it, or being on Chapter 13, without being able to progress in it.

I’ve managed to actually clear up to Chapter 15, but as soon as I quit the game back to the Main Menu, it’s a toss up of which of those scenarios I end up with, and every time, except when the game thinks I’m on Chapter 2, whenever I get in the game, the side quest “Head Case” repeats the starting dialogue, and becomes uncleared again, which I’ve already re-done quite a few times.

As it stands, I can’t continue the game progression, but my character hasn’t lost any levels, or any gear, it seems only quest progression is affected by this issue.

This is an incredibly bad bug, and one that stops the game dead in its tracks, and after putting in quite a few hours from doing side quests and exploring, I just don’t feel like playing everything from the start again.

The only thing I can seem to figure out from this issue, is that the save date is interacting in a weird way with the PS5 activity cards, and their ability to quickly resume the game from a certain activity, as my PS5 for my character has multiple cards for various Main Story quests active at the same time.

All of this, while in the character selection screen, it’s actually telling me that I’m at the Chapter 15 quest, which is where I actually am.

I am looking for any help with this issue, as I believe I have exhausted every possible fix on my end, such as turning off the game and starting it up again, creating a new character and swapping back, progressing with another player, both as host and as a visitor, deleting everything and installing everything again, deleting save data and re-downloading it, and honestly, I don’t know what else to do to just enjoy the game I paid for.

Thank you.


There’s a similar bug when you use a boosted player - if you go to one of the cards , you’re stuck at the beginning level

Quite literally STUCK

My advice is ignore the very buggy activity cards and just use the in game continue function

The activity cards are the only thing right now that seem to enable me to get to one of the half playable states of the game, which is the Chapter 11 one, although it’s just a loop, and I lose all progress quest wise as soon as I quit the game, no matter what.

But this happened without the activity cards, as I never actually used them, but this seems to definitely be tied to them, or they are tied to this, since I should never have this many activity cards for the same character, and they do reset whenever I swap characters, as in my second one, only one card actually ever shows up


I am experiencing the same issue, but I’m not quite as far in as you.

Having just arrived in Sanctuary, we quit the game and it saved our gear, levels, and skills, however, it basically removed the progress. We are in the same place your screenshot shows, in the level 2 mission ‘From the ground up’ and our current objective is to ‘equip the grenade mod and speak to Lilith’.

Like you, I have the progress card of the actual mission I should be on set at 0% in the main menu of the PS5, but when I click resume it brings me to the exact same place as I mentioned before.

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I am experiencing the exact same situation as @Madra However if I complete from the ground up and taking flight as it skips cult following I can continue as I’m offered to skip missions to my current mission.
Painful to think we have to replay parts of the game over and over each time we quit the game.
Hopefully this can be a fixed in an update soon.


I will try and reload it from Chapter 2, and see if it works, but at least at Chapter 11, it didn’t, but if it does, might be a temporary fix until an update comes out

@geordiesteve So, I’ve tried it out, and complete long both the Chapter 2 and Chapter 12 missions does give me the prompt to skip ahead to my current story progress, and it does send me to the correct point, but as soon as I turn off the game, either by quitting to the menu, or by closing the game through the dashboard, I get kicked back to whatever chapter I was in before, so either back to 2 or 12.

While it seems to be a short term fix and letting you actually continue, having to always redo one of those missions when you start a game can be incredibly annoying.

The only other thing I haven’t tried, is finishing the game in one sitting/not quitting the game, and seeing if with the TVHM unlock, stuff stays permanently fixed, but that’s one thing I really don’t want to do

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Same issue here:

Started new game (not a transfer from PS4), played through to Hostile Takeover now 3 times. Each time I close the game and start back up, I’m restarted back at the beginning of Hostile Takeover. Happens both in single player and split-screen co-op.

On my last play through I progressed to the following chapter and planet (The Impending Storm) before quitting the game. The card for Ch. 7 even shows in the Playstation 5 menus, but when I load it, it brings me back to Ch. 6 Hostile Takeover. I keep all the experience and items I gained from the previous play-throughs but the story reverts back.

Last night we played co-op for a good 3 hours, made it to Chapter 10. The moment we got back to Sanctuary, we exited to the main menu and our story progress was reverted back to Chapter 8. Once again, we kept all our items and experience but the story fell back.

Uninstalled BL3 last night, reinstalled. (should also mention that PS5 downloaded two versions somehow, a PS5 and a PS4 version. I had to delete both of them)

Logged in this morning, no longer have acces to Ch. 8. Reverted further back to Ch. 7. The quest updates get buggy as well, when I loaded back into Sanctuary, I was unable to speak to Lilith to continue the narrative. I had to fast travel away from Sanctuary and re-enter in order to get the quest points to activate.

Moved on to Ch. 7 again, played through to the first check-point, exited to the main title screen, came back in, unable to continue the quest (same as in Sanctuary). Exited game. Now the PS5 save cards have booted me back to Hostile Takeover (Ch. 6) again.

Quite broken.

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I am wondering if this has to do with the PS5 menu activity cards.
Replaying an old chapter again shouldn’t be part of anyone’s playthrough.
Say if you play the game through in a single sitting what about side missions you’d left etc and what’s it to say it doesn’t happen on TVHM ?

I hope the dev’s can look into this as my character save shows my latest progressed mission but I keep being booted to chapter 2. It has been mentioned a workaround exists of completing the buggy chapter by joining a friends game but as @bkaprow’s post states coop play doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

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@geordiesteve Yeah, I tried doing coop to see if it would fix it, actually did two missions, but nothing.

Also, from the way it’s happening, it definitely seems like the Activity Cards have something to do with what’s happening, and as for TVHM, shouldn’t be an issue, as you could always return to VHM and finish it off, but yeah, the same thing could happen again


Support say to complete chapter 2 in a friends game which should move the story onwards.

Co-op didn’t fix anything on my end, stayed exactly the same, at this point, I think they’re just saying random scripted stuff, as even when I opened my ticket, they recommended me doing things which I had said I had done already, so

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It’s weird when I join a coop mission of another players session finish up that mission and left I’ve now been moved onto hostile takeover instead of chapter 8 …

Here’s an update. In split screen co-op a friend and I replayed through the chapters we lost and made it to Beneath Meridian. I left the game open in hopes of being able to return to the game the following day. Checked in the morning and was able to load the save via activity card (Beneath Meridian 20% w/ PS+ icon).

Reloading the game come evening time, and the previous save is now throwing us back to Ch. 7. I exit the game and reload. Now it’s putting us at Ch. 2. Exit game, reload multiple times thinking perhaps it’s random chance. Wrong. Our characters are now stuck at the very beginning of Ch. 1 where you are greeted by Claptrap. After his intro finishes, we literally cannot move our characters. The only controls that work are jump and duck. We are entirely stuck and the characters are now unplayable.

This game has more bugs than an ant farm

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That’s awful.
This issue seems to be quite widespread and gearbox can hopefully address in a patch

Support asking me how this happens so I’ve linked them this thread as they want to create a bug report.

I am currently unable to complete Invasion of privacy now even post skipping missions as the game doesn’t believe I’ve complete beneath the meridan … Last story mission I did weird if I’ve unlocked hammerlocked for it to do this …

A month in from PS5 launch, and nothing, still no comment from Gearbox on this, I would like to play the game I paid for at some point


My support ticket chain went silent a week ago after they forwarded me to another department. My character with 20+ hours logged is still unplayable, frozen at the beginning of chapter 1.

@bkaprow Did you submit video footage I can play but have to constantly still play the same bits of chapter 2 and 3 which is becoming annoying and the game also thinks I’ve not finished beneath the meridan so I cannot do a few side missions like Wick and Warty doesn’t display or invasion of privacy cannot be played but I am on Liar of the Harpy .