PS5 Game Breaking Progress Glitch

I’m having the same issues but with the dlc on PS5. Spent all day playing the Bounty of Blood. After completing the train missions I called it a night. When I started playing today I had two random voice clips play, 1 is the goddess statue and the other is the “where is Juno” line part way through the story. All my inventory, map exploration, bounty kills, etc was still there but I had to start the story from this point again. Played through to Kormash and had to leave so I quit and picked it up later today to find that I was at the checkpoint before Kormash but the story had again reverted to “where is Juno”. Lost the crystal smash and the jump. So I was basically SOL.

The only reason I picked this game back up was to play the dlc I finally decided to buy. I’m so angry that I cannot play something I paid for. I never used their progress cards to load in, I always use the in game continue. How could something this game breaking exist? Until this is fixed I’m gonna recommend none of my friends and anyone else who will listen bother with playing this game. It’s pointless.

Wow that’s not good I was planning on getting the DLC post finishing the main game given you can’t platinum the base game and the DLC now does the same stuff…

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I too want to voice my issues regarding borderlands 3. I first want to say I am very surprised and disappointed with gear box or whoever is responsible for not having fixed the issue thus far. It’s been 17 days since the first post was made regarding the issue. Let’s go guys!

My issue is a little different but may help some. I am not tech savvy so let’s start there. I skipped ps4 and Xbox last gen but got back in with ps5. Always loved borderlands and made this my first game to play. I did lots of research regarding the whole ps4 vs Ps5 version being played and confusion of getting the right one to play on ps5. I got my Ps5 on 11/28. I assumed that when I downloaded borderlands, it would automatically download the ps5 version. I thought the recent patch Sony released made it so you didn’t waste time downloading Ps4 versions of games. So having skipped a gen I thought I was on the ps5 version cuz I thought it looked good but I was actually on ps4. I know I’m an idiot. Anyways I got to level 35 when I realized an update was available for the ps5 version. It was at that time I knew I messed up and was playing the wrong version! I downloaded the ps5 version and was super bummed to see my old progress was lost. I tried to hit the upload save button but no dice. Again I’m not tech savvy so I chalked it up to an L and decided I’d just start over. I missed side quests and stuff anyways. Plus it was neat to see the instant improvement in graphics and how it looked. With a new head of steam I dove right in and quickly got to level 15 in one night. I shut off the console feeling good. When I reloaded I was in the last place I left off but I was on a level 5 mission. It also didn’t show many of the missions I completed already. Anyways I like everyone else, had all my gear but unlike some I was stranded on the map. I could not get to the fast track transport to leave the level. I am literally in game purgatory. I am moving to another game but it’s driving me crazy I can’t finish this one.

Ps: I deleted the game and reinstalled twice. Did just about everything ppl mentioned so this is on big brother

Help us gearbox!

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A month in since this game is available worldwide, and nothing, complete radio silence.

No timeline for a fix, no public acknowledgment of this issue, nothing.

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Interesting hotfixes were dropped this week so there is focus on tweaking the game on all platforms.

Well hallelujah, the December 17 hotfix said nothing about fixing this issue but wouldn’t you know. I played through Handsome Jackpot in one run as I expected to have it reset my progress again and when I was done I exited and went back in to see what would happen. As soon as I got in I heard that stupid “where’s Juno” quote again. Checked my quests and not only did it save all that I had done in Handsome Jackpot, it brought back all of my progress in Bounty of Blood!

Can’t verify that it’s fixed for the main story but my issue has been fixed. Now they just need to make Amara stop asking where in the world “Juno” is and we’ll be great!

Someone who was having the issue with the main story please check and see if you are fixed as well.

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As of the new hot fix, they still haven’t fixed this, just re-did chapter 12 to see if it was working, and nothing, everything is exactly the same

Exactly the same for me still must replay chapter 2 even though I’m now on In the footsteps of giants …
Update just finished the story quit game and it still hasn’t recognised it’s finished …

Same issue here.
I’m pretty sure it was messed up originally by selecting an Activity card.
Somehow I’ve managed to load back the correct mission, but then as stated above, quit the game, load back, it continued with a different mission.
First it threw me back to Beneath the Meridian, now to Children of the Vault (and the usual issue with the first mission: I can’t move). Sometimes I can still load back to a different mission with an Activity card (1 out of ~20) but not the latest one. Still couldn’t figure out the correct steps, if there are any :frowning:
The Activity cards are usually messed up:

  • 0% progress everywhere
  • sometimes there’s only 2 cards, sometimes more
  • some cards sometimes don’t load the images, only the title is visible, if I select it, “can’t load” error
  • the game usually doesn’t load the correct chapter belonging to the Activity card
  • Most of the Activity cards say Chapter 1 in the details, obviously this is wrong (but usually loads this Chapter)

Also the game usually tells there’s a hotfix, I should go to the main menu. Then the Hotfixes applied will be visible, but after a few loads later, it tells again, that there’s a hotfix. I don’t know if it’s related or not… the game version still shows 1.200 in the PS menu.

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I never had any issues on PS4 or on PS5 after transferring my save - besides Guardian rank number not being right despite still having my levels. Suddenly, the other night, I load up and I have been sent back to the beginning of Guns, Love… with my mission progress gone. What’s weird is that I still have all of the maps for the areas I reached unlocked and blue in the parts I have been to.

25 hours plus into my flak run, level 44, I got the same issue as everyone else chapter 7 for me… All the trophies are bugged for me too; tipping moxie, win a duel, send and item to friend, killing yourself with a grenade, winning a grenade in slots, everything not story related was bugged. Created a new Fl4k and trophies started popping.

Might try to play and beat a DLC pack in one sitting to see if it will move me forward in my main story. Will update

I was directed to this thread as I’m having the same issue, I made a thread about it here:

Same thing happens. Completed the game, manually exited, logged back in and suddenly I’m on chapter 2. If I complete chapter 2, it asks me if I want to skip ahead to my current progress. Which is a temporary work around until I decide to quit the game (if I ever decide that I want to play something different) and it’ll take me back to chapter 2 again.

I’ve noticed that the PS5 cards aren’t updating either. Some are stuck on 0%, despite having completed some of them.

Gearbox NEEDS to fix this. The game is essentially broken. I’ve already opened a technical ticket, I’ll see if I can flag this. I just have a feeling that the PS5 Borderlands 3 player-base, every last 5 of us, is just too small for it to be a well known problem.


I have contacted 2k, and I thought I would post the correspondence I have received to ensure transparency with anyone else who is experiencing this bug:


Borderlands 3 on PS5. Started new game, played through to the end/ completed all 17 main missions and about 15 side missions. On level 38. Did not quit out of the game at all whilst playing.
I manually quit out of the game after completing main story and side missions (start menu - exit). When going back to the game, I’m back at Chapter 2 of the main mission. I have lost all the progress since. I’m currently loaded in a later area of the game, but all map markers only indicate up to Chapter 2 (Pandora area). Have lost all completed missions and side missions. Character is still at level 38, I also have all the weapons I’ve collected, and Mayhem mode is enabled.
Uploaded a video of the issue:


Hey “name” and welcome to 2K Support!
My name is “name” and I will be handling your case from this point forward. Sorry to hear that you lost your progress. Let’s see what can be done about the loss of progress on your Character save file in Borderlands 3.
My first question for you would be, do you have the Cloud data function enabled on your platform? Having that enabled prevents this from happening and it allows you to download the most recent save that is stored on the cloud.
And as there is no way for us to manually recover those levels or items that were gained while playing the game, I’d love to see what else we can do to help.
To look into that for you, I’ll need the following information:
SHiFT Support ID: This can be found in-game on the Social menu, on the SHiFT tab
SHiFT Email Address:
If you have any questions for me, just let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!
Thank you,


Please take a look at the gearbox forums as there is a thread about my issue that a number of PS5 users are also experiencing. The specific issue is very clearly detailed and laid out here:
PS5 Game Breaking Progress Glitch
I also created a separate thread here:
PS5 Lost Hours of Progress on Exit
It is a major game breaking bug.
I don’t believe I have a SHIFT account as I am playing on a PS5, though I created one when I signed up for the forum: moodydog64 and my email address is “email address”

2K support has been pitiful, to not say worse, over a month since I’ve filled my complaint, still nothing, it’s always “the devs are aware, please follow our social media”

Anyone manage to reach any solutions? Some weeks back support just apologized for the inconvenience and apparently gave me some golden keys. My level 21 character is still stuck unable to move at the very start of the game where claptrap gives you your echo.

I don’t think there’s a solution yet, but maybe there’s hope:

"I have excellent news, as promised, I have raised the issue presented to the dedicated developer team and they have marked this issue, as urgent and are currently investigating this, as we speak.

Unfortunately I cannot say, as we don’t have visibility on our side on their progress and this depends on their backlog, on when and how this will be cleared, but I can assure you that they will handle this issue accordingly asap!

The best thing that I can recommend, for the time being, is to performed each day a clear cache on your console and to double check for any new updates for both the console and the game, manually, just in case you need to received important updates that might address this matter and also before accessing your character please wait for the HOTFIX applied message as this quick patch helps address reported issues."

We will see.

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Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed.

Following as I’m at the same point and stuck. Wouldn’t have been too bad if all of the trophies or none of them had transferred over.

New update launched yesterday, patch notes didn’t mention this issue, but I decided to try it out, cleared the Lair of the Harpy mission, finished the Going Rogue one where I actually was supposed to be in to see if clearing a new mission would set the progress right, left the game, and got sent to From the Ground Up, which is chapter 2.

Safe to say, our problem has been completely ignored by Gearbox.