PS5 Game Breaking Progress Glitch

This update did fix my issue but it took a bit of experimentation. All of my save cards were totally fubar, even if the card said “Beneath the Meridian”, it would take me back to Ch. 1. However, instead of being completely stuck and unable to move, upon logging in after the update I was actually able to move around.

I fast traveled to Sanctuary but then couldn’t travel to any planets other than Pandora. I kept reloading my different save cards and finally pulled up a Ch. 1 that allowed me to move, I played through maybe 20 minutes of the first mission, and then upon entering a new zone was provided with a pop-up message that asked if I wanted to fast-forward to the latest progress of that character. It loaded me back to where my game progress had glitched however many months ago. I continued to play without any issues for another half hour. Hoping it’s all good when I log back in.

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Hi, so you’re experiencing the same as me apart from it was the same before the update.

Everytime I log in with that character I have to do the first mission to find the suncrusher leader… 20 minutes in and I get the prompt on mission completion…its the same everytime log in.

Interestingly, my other character gets thrown to covenant pass but seems to retain mission progress… Just not location.

Very frustrating!

Well I have made it to Level 35 and I don’t know when I first starting seeing a quest marker for ClapTrap on Sanctuary. I think after bringing his girlfriend (or whatever she is), I kept ignoring it until I investigated it, but every time I tried to select it it wouldn’t activate so I kept playing. Like I said I got to Level 35 and thought “let me try one more time, Bingo! I was able to click it but it brought me right back to the beginning of the game where I’m given the echo. Its like starting the game for the first time but it freezes and I can’t move. Can’t do anything! I also thought the latest patch would have fixed it, nope! I’ve put 93 hours into this game and was trying to decide if I wanted to buy any of the dlcs, uhmmm, not at this time. Heck, wouldn’t be able to play them.

I’m glad and sorry to hear I’m not the only one. I told Gearbox support that I picked up this game after trying Cyberpunk 2077 that my patience level in buying buggy games has come to an end. Fix it!

I don’t think they’re going to fix this any time soon. :frowning:
I sent them a follow up 5 days ago, still waiting for a reply. I wish a bigger youtuber would bring light to this issue, but in reality I’m not sure the game is that popular anymore, especially on a platform that not that many people have yet…

Yeah I believe so…it’s a major bug. They should have been on this one…I can take bad graphics, falling through floors but after 93 hours into the game…not acceptable to not be able to continue.

I think this was mentioned earlier, but I can confirm this “workaround”:
you can continue to play in co-op mode by joining to a friend.
after completing the main chapters, TVHM mode will work fine in single player (and never use activity cards again :slight_smile: )
Switching back to Normal mode will still be broken, but you can always switch back and forth between TVHM and Normal mode, TVHM progress is saved separately.

Update: I am able to continue progressing but every time I quit out of the game it throws me back to Ch. 2 and I have to run through a couple missions before it gives me the prompt to jump ahead to my latest progress.

That’s what I have to do when I play myself this is workable but devs hopefully can address.

Aaaaaaand now I’m stuck in Floodmoor Basin but my quest progress is on Ch. 2 and there are no accessible fast travel locations :man_facepalming:

Any more news on this thread? this bug is truly annoying.

I haven’t played the game since February 1, the Clap Trap bug still exists…not willing to start over after 8 hours at level 35. Game brings me back to the beginning.

I sadly gave up playing the game after getting stuck in Floodmoor.

Anyone tried post patch ?

Still impacts me might just do TVHM see if it happens on that.