Ps5 Godfall help me

No one from Godfall seems to be helping me. This game has me very upset. I play multiplayer on PS5. Me and my friend cannot complete any of the objectives after lighting a beacon. The red light and tower goes away after the first objective no matter what board or hunt we try to complete it will never let us finish. Wasn’t there an update? We have the latest versions installed and we get nowhere. There’s no fun in this type of gameplay the game keeps doing this we just stopped playing after trying for weeks. I reached out to support via email twice and no response. I get an automatic reply that they are out of office until January 2nd and it’s the 27th and they still send the same automatic message. Seems like they pushed a game that wasn’t completed. Nor fair. No response? Please help? Can you get them to send me a patch? Marty_McFly718 PS5 handle.