PS5 L63 Moze character is gone

I got a PS5 about a month ago and did all the game downloads, updated my PS4 version of BL3 to PS5, finally figured out how to transfer one of my characters from my PS4 pro, but before I figured that out I had already rolled a new Moze character to run through the early game.

After figuring out the transfer I continued on with my new Moze roll, completed the regular game as well as the Guns Love & Tentacles DLC, and was maybe 15% into Bounty of Blood. I’d logged in to the new Moze character which was now L63, had a notice there was an update to download. I tried to do “download save” from the home screen before quitting the game, but that failed.

I shrugged and restarted the game, and my L63, which I had started and run the whole way up to L63 on the PS5, was gone. Only my transferred save from the PS4 was in my character load screen.

I’ve rebooted the PS5, restarted the game, started a new character, everything I could think of, but the character appears to be completely gone. The amount of work, the guardian points I’ve earned, all the weapons and gear I’d collected, all gone.

I’ve loved this game, have played every version since it first came out but right now I’m devastated. I don’t know wtf is wrong with y’all at Gearbox, but this kind of glitch is beyond game-breaking. What’s the point if you can’t trust the game to save your progress or your character?

Y’all need to fix this ■■■■