PS5 Lost Hours of Progress on Exit

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I’m aware there are other threads about this, but this relates specifically to the PS5 version, and not to do with Epic store.
I downloaded the game onto the PS5 last week, and then started playing. When starting chapter 2, there seemed to be an issue with the syncing of the game, and I lost around 20 minutes of progress. I figured I’d just disable automatic sync to the PS cloud, and I’ve been playing happily since. I’ve just completed the game’s main story, and a couple of side chapters. I decided to manually quit out of the game (something I hadn’t done yet… I’ve only ever “paused” it via the PS5 interface when putting the console into rest mode). Upon starting the game again, to my surprise (and annoyance) my progress was back at chapter 2. I was still in a later section of the game, and still had my levels, mayhem mode, and all collected weapons, however all my completed missions and map navigation had gone.

I’ve recorded a video of this via the PS5 share (I’ve added captions to explain):

I’ve also posted a ticket to 2K explaining the issue. Just wanted to know if anyone has had this specific issue with the PS5 version too.

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You haven’t actually lost your progress once you finish the mission your stuck on and then the next one you should be promoted to skip ahead to where you were however this happens to me everytime I quit/game close the game all of us in this PS5 Game Breaking Progress Glitch thread are experiencing this issue or issues of a similar nature.

Hopefully my temp workaround might work out for you.

Gearbox need to patch this for sure.


Thanks, I’ve tried it and it indeed took me to my current progress after completing the mission. :slight_smile: It’s an odd workaround, and certainly one that needs fixing. I’ve replied in that thread too.

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