PS5 - Master of All You Survey and Tales from the Eridian Slab trophies broken

Master of All You Survey and Tales from the Eridian Slab trophies on PS5 are completely broken. Discovering all areas and getting all slabs do not pop the trophies. Anyone else having this issue or know a fix?

Yes, use the slab in tannis’ lab until you get the achievement. As for the discovered locations, there are a few that doesn’t register properly so you might have to revisit areas, so can’t help you there.

Are you sure this is on PS5? As much as I can see its the trophies that are broken.

They have been buggy for over a year, it’s not limited to PS5.

No, they are completely broken on PS5. Check PSN Profiles and you can see that no one has these 2 trophies. This is specifically PS5.

Yeah same here. I have the platinum on the PS4 version so I know I’m capable of handling the PS4 bugs. But these seem to be new PS5 bugs. I’m only missing these two and the online ones since I haven’t been able to join a match for some reason

So can someone from gearbox actually confirm that they are working on a patch to fix this?

I’m also missing these two trophies despite doing everything required for them. They have a 0.0% achievement rate so currently the platinum is unobtainable.

Would love an update on this.

2k support told me you have to visit all locations in a single playthrough, no visiting sanctuary, and no rest mode or turning off the ps5 in order to unlock the locations trophy.

But wouldn’t the fast travel stations be the same thing as going to sanctuary? I’m confused.

Oh great, so the old bug is back on the PS5 then. They supposedly patched this a few months ago on the PS4 after twiddling their thumbs on it for almost a year.

So same as the story glitches leave your console on 24/7 or things bug out ?

Same problem here on PS5. Thses achievements work on PS4 and PC (steam) but not on PS5. I read all eridian writings and discovered all locations but in achievement list it shows 0/30 for eridian slabs trophy and 1/223 for named locations trophy, which is just impossible. Also, PS5 shows 0% of players have these trophies so it’s clearly a bug on PS5. Are there any plans for fix in the next update?


For what it worth, same here. Eridian writting and locations (all) remain at 0. Even when starting a new character.

Hope there will be a fix, because doing all locations on one sitting is quite ridiculous and I don’t consider that a fix. (if it really works for PS5). Maybe our call will be heard by someone at Gearbox.

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I hope they can address this as I work my way through the story etc which is bugged for me a bit on quitting the game visiting all 223 locations in some sitting is unacceptable given a lot of the bugs seem unique to PS5.
I would like to know if this and some of the story bugs if the devs are aware and are working on a patch for them.

Same problem for me. The trophy progress tracker is not keeping track of either of these trophies properly even though I have meet the requirements for both. When will this be fixed? It’s a shame that you are allowing your customers to spend all this time to earn a trophy or to get a platinum trophy only to be held up by glitches. Trophies are what makes end game activities fun and challenging for me. But to put in all my time to acheive them to just find out at the end that they are broken is very frustrating to me.

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It has been months now when will u guys go to work so I can start playing BL3 on the Ps5? I’m not gonna play before you fix those 2 trophies. And I got a lot of trophy hunters in my friends list who are doing the same. It’s starting to look like u don’t care shame on you.

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Nah, I am playing on PS5 and at this day i got all 223 Locations and all eridian writings but no trophy. It’s just ridiculous. Sorry bro

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Yes very ridiculous. I remember the times when developers still cared. Now they only care about making money. Too much effort to fix things. If they don’t fix it quickly all gearbox remind me of is this fiasco and the unsavable godfall blehh.

Same thing here, I’m not going to play or recommend this game to anyone period until the problems are fixed.

You can’t even unlock trophies at all with transferred characters either, it HAS to be a new character started on the PS5.

Pathetic and lazy!


18/03/2021 STILL bugged… C’mon…