PS5 - Master of All You Survey and Tales from the Eridian Slab trophies broken

April 6th and these 2 trophies are still bugged for the PS5. If I had known I couldn’t get the Plat for this I would have played it on PS4 instead. Gearbox, please get this fixed already!

How is this even allowed? Months upon months of the issue persisting and not even an acknowledgment? Literally nobody on ps5 has the platinum trophy.

It looks like a fix has been added in today’s update - see the section under ‘PLAYSTATION’ for other platform specific fixes:

The update should be available no later than noon PST.

Just in the process of pulling down the update and directors cut, so fingrs crossed those 2 trophies pop after all. I’m wondering if they run some kind of auto ping for all the locations whether it might additionally help some folks that’re having problems with the complex made simple trophy at Stormblind as well, I got the challenge for it, and the map is completely ungreyed but no trophy pop.
We’ll wait and see. Here’s hoping players get their long awaited plats.
Out of interest, because I carried over all my PS4 characters to PS5, it doesn’t allow me to reset the buying progress at Earls, all cosmetics register as bought, even starting a new character ,so can’t get the my name is earl trophy. Have folks discovered a work around? Or is it a case of backing all the saves up and then having to start a completely fresh start?
lol Looking at the trophy percentage completion for the new raid boss and can’t believe some players have nuked it already.

Just loaded up and Master of all you survey and Tales from the Eridian Slab both popped as soon as I loaded into Sancturay. HUZZAH ! No joy with Complex made Simple though.

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Thanks for confirming that it triggers post facto after the update.

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I was able to got both “Master of all your survey” and “tales from the eridian slab” trophies on PS5 after installing the new add on. Unfortunately no luck with “complex made simple” - it’s still broken :expressionless:

Just loaded into the game and both trophies popped soon as I did. Thanks for the fix GB.