[PS5] Platinum trophy can't be obtained

On PS5 version of BORDERLANDS 3, We can’t get trophies below.

Tales From The Eridian Slab
Master of All You Survey

Result of it, PS5 users can’t get Platinum trophy for Borderlands 3.

The indicator tells me I’ve already been 223/223 locations, 30/30 Iridian writing but the trophies never pop up.

Now I realized that NONE of PS5 users took those trophies because of this bug.

Trophy is totally broken. Please fix this as soon as possible. I love this game and I really want to get Platinum trophy for this.

I remember this bug, is it the same as the ps4 one? If I recall, the “fix” was to keep trying to read/analyze the stone slab in Tannis office

That doesn’t work on PS5 version. So no PS5 users got the Platinum trophy for this game.

On PS5 version, even I can’t “Read or analyze” in Tannis office that is matter lol

That’s really dumb. Sadly it’s probably not much of a priority to fix. Though not even sure what is to GBX.

Bump. Got halfway through the game on PS5 and realized trophies are broken. Done playing until they’re fixed, which is hopefully soon, because I love this series.

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However this game is great. Don’t stop playing this. Just go ahead and let’s see what Gearbox would do. I’ve heard PS4 version had same issue and was fixed, same bug appeared on PS5 version but no solution now… but I hope this would be fixed in in someday, That’s why I wrote this post. So just go on. don’t just stop playing this great game!