PS5 Platinum Trophy - Unobtainable

The PS5 Platinum Trophy for Borderlands 3 “Ultimate Vault Hunter” is currently unobtainable, as no one has unlocked the following trophies:

  • Tales From The Eridian Slab
  • Master of All You Survey

As of 12/5/2020, no one has unlocked these trophies. I have created a new character and so far on my PS5 is shows “0/223” locations discovered and “0/30” Eridian Slabs deciphered.



Folks I am having the same problem with this on PS5. Where is gearbox on this issue? No matter what I do I can’t unlock the 2 trophies below.

  • Tales From The Eridian Slab
  • Master of All You Survey
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Having the same issue. Posted in another thread detailing these problems. Haven’t heard an update on when a fix for this will be deployed.

Same issue and very frustrated. Just spent a couple of days of my gaming time unlocking all locations and reading all eridian slabs. Time wasted I guess. Hoping for a fix. From reading posts it sounds like they had a similar issue on the ps4 version. It seems to me like it should be an easy fix for gearbox.

Having the same issue here. Pretty bummed that it’s not keeping track of my progress. Would be good to get a fix for this as part of the next patch.

Another frustrated gamer here. I bought the game recently and loved it enough to sink nearly 150 plus hours in but those two stupid trophies just don’t work and NEED to be patched. Currently registering 1 in both categories but other than that it’s nada. Can’t even rescan the slabs as I’m locked out of that and the game has registered I’ve completed them all and found all 223 locations. So I’ve earned the Platinum, Mr Gearbox … please patch the game so I can finally unlock it. I’ll even pay Eridium to unlock as I’ve got a whole tonne of that!

It’s unbelievable how this 10 million plus seller is so slow to address issues.

How is it that a AAA game like Borderlands 3 has been out for months now and STILL has a broken Platnium trophy list?! I see hot patch after hot patch with mundane changes but they cant fix this elephant in the room? This is very frustrating and disrespectful to those who want to finish the trophy list.

It certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. Makes me think this is some kind of money laundering scheme or something. No way they should have so little people able to still work on the game given how much money it generated.

Has anyone ever found a solution

Nope. It’s bugged and requires a patch, so probably will be fixed next month.


Espero que pronto lo solucionen

Finished the game and was looking forward to completing the game and getting platinum then currently buying DLC.

Sorry gearbox but I won’t be buying any DLC until I see someone get a platinum on ps5. How could you leave a game like this for so long? Frankly I’m not sure I can even be bothered anymore…

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For real. This is a joke. Not playing another Borderlands game after this.

Just thought id restart this topic about the Next Gen trophy bug that prevents you for obtaining that elusive Platinum Trophy/Gamerscore.

Its been over a year since the game launched and its been 4 months since next gen arrived yet still to this day not a single Borderlands 3 Platinum Trophy has been awarded.
This needs to change. With all the hotfixes that have released nothing has even tapped into this issue.
Gearbox need to reply

Gearbox? I keep seeing new content and ‘hotfixes’ but nothing fixing the platinum bug.

I’ve got fed up waiting and sent in a ticket. Hopefully if enough of us send in tickets complaining they may do something.